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Medieval Recipes & Food From the Europe of the Middle Ages
Food is a defining element of any culture, in any period of history and medieval recipes are a great example of that. Recipes reflect the true, prevailing tastes and culture of people, both rich and poor, who lived in medieval times.
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Medieval Recipes - Easy Recipes
Almond Milk Applemoyse Tartys In Applis Bake Mete Ryalle - spiced pork pie Barley Water Beef y-Stywyd Blancmanger (chicken & rice casserole) Boiled Asparagus Boiled Sallet Buttered Beere Cameline Sauce - a cinnamon spice sauce Stewed Capon (chicken) Cheese - fresh soft cheese Cormarye (roast pork) Cremoneze (spinach tart) Ember
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The chef who plans to revive Viking food
Jesper Lynge, 44, from Aalborg is attempting to revive Viking food Says they used spices and lots of vegetables as well as roast meat 'Beserke' warriors would eat anything - including magic mushrooms Others had considerably more refined tastes and loved barley risotto Jesper Lynge, 44, is a chef on a mission.
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